About Howard Lindzon

Howard has been actively engaged in the financial community as both an entrepreneur and investor for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in both public and private market investing, which has given him a unique perspective on what is working and not working in finance and financial technology. He is a leading advocate for the decentralization and democratization of investing, believing that it is something everyone can and should learn how to do.

Early Life and Career

Howard hails from the far north of Toronto, Canada. His investment career began in his teens with an early investment in Clearly Canadian stock, and continued in college when he assumed the management of his mother’s financial nest egg.

Graduate school brought him to the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University at the dawn of the PC era. His knowledge of the technology industry was still in its infancy, however, as evidenced by his decision to turn down a job at Intel at the dawn of the “Intel Inside” era because he’d never heard of the company. But his investing acumen was still in place, and while working as a stock broker after graduate school, he made an early investment the company behind The Gripp® line of stress balls, a product that would go on to be lauded in QVC’s Product Hall of Fame.

His eye for good investments in both the private and public markets led him to start his hedge fund Lindzon Capital in 1998.

Wallstrip and beyond

In October 2006, Howard used his investing and trading knowledge to create Wallstrip, a daily news video podcast. The show provided satirical commentary on publicly traded companies and the economy at large and attracted a loyal and influential viewership. The show was acquired in May 2007 by CBS’s interactive unit, which continued to produce shows until December 2008. In all, approximately 500 episodes were made.

Howard’s next creation was StockTwits, started in 2008 as a social media platform where investors and traders could share investment ideas. StockTwits invented the “cashtag” (e.g., “$AAPL”) and pioneered its widespread use initially on Twitter, and later on its own service. Today, StockTwits remains the largest active community of investors in the world and Howard continues to serve as its CEO and chairman.

Since 2009, Howard has been the general partner of his venture capital firm Social Leverage, through which he and his partners continue to actively invest in technology startups, with a particular interest in financial applications. Current investments include Robinhood, eToro, and SPARK Finance, among many others.


In 2017, he published 8 to 80: The Next 1,000% Stocks and Trends Everyone Can Ride with co-author Ivaylo Ivanov (we call him Ivan) and launched a joint venture with Charles Street Research to publish Peloton a monthly newsletter that shares all the market insights, knowledge, experience and analysis he’s absorbed over his 26-year career. As well as trade recommendations using an incredibly simple, yet overlooked phenomenon to capture gains from 105% all the way up to 1,006%.

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